Have you visited Nivea House?

If I have time when travelling I like to go into a large pharmacy or cosmetic store to see what quirky things are available.

Imagine my surprise whilst in Hamburg, when I was told that the store to visit was Nivea Haus!


We’ve all heard of Nivea cream, many of our grandmothers having used it, and it’s also one of the more affordable skincare brands on the market.


The store was packed with Nivea everywhere. The staff were so helpful and obviously very proud of the product they sell.

Nivea is now over 100 yrs old having been developed in Hamburg, where their laboratory still remains.


I loved the historical wall of tins and adverts, dating from 1911 to the present day. There was even a photo-booth where you could personalise your very own tin of cream!

Throughout the decades the company has developed numerous other innovative skin care products such as deodorants, sunscreens, and now a Anti-Age Professional Bioxilift range which can only be purchased at Nivea House or on-line.

I needed a night and decollete cream so thought I’d try the Bioxilift, especially as it was less than half the price of similar products in the UK. As I had bought two products I could have another for free, so I chose an eye cream.


My only reservation is the amount of glycerin within the creams, which in my experience can cause the skin to look quite greasy, but we’ll see. 


Nivea is now sold in over 200 countries, so it must have something going for it! 

I’ll report back soon, perhaps I’ll become one of the millions using this iconic cream, in it’s instantly recognisable blue and white tin.



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