Metallic neutrals

I am like a magpie, I love a bit of sparkle.  Anything glitzy and glam is quite frankly, right up my street.  Vintage statement necklaces, shiny pink disco trousers, sequins galore – if it sparkles, I have probably worn it.

Over the years I have reigned it in, but still today metallics are a staple in my wardrobe.

When worn in the right way I firmly believe that metallic accessories are a neutral – an easy go to piece to pull an outfit together, or simply just to add a bit of interest or grown up sparkle!

Silver, gold, bronze, rose gold – you name it, there are shoes, belts, bags in every shiney hue imaginable in the shops as the spring and summer collections continue to flood the high street.  Are they are all easy colours to wear? Well yes, sort of.  As with anything, it really helps to have an awareness of the colours that work for you.

If you roughly break metallics down into either cool or warm tones, one of them is guaranteed to work with your skin tone and consequently with your wardrobe better than the other.  So either silver or gold will be more flattering.  

Does this really matter if we are talking about shoes?  When it comes to buying truly versatile pieces, I believe it does.  Silver works for me, I have cool undertones to my complexion and hence wear cool colours.  Gold shoes look too yellow and almost garish next to my clothes.  Silver on the other hand is my neutral.

Metallic trainers, slides, heels, clutches, handbags– not surprisingly I love them all.  If you are still unsure about the right shade for you, opt for rose gold, it flatters every skin tone – a universal neutral!

Some of my favourites for spring –

  1. Jigsaw Tania soft flat shoe


2. Office Maddy block mid heel shoe in copper


3. KG by Kurt Geiger Mojave cut out sandals, gold


4. Mint Velvet Mia block heeled sandals


5. Jigsaw Stevie zip backpack


6. Liebeskind Aloe F7 leather clutch bag, rose gold


*Post by Chloe Brasier, Sant Elia Style Consultant. 


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