The Changes After Only 6 Days of Exercise

I was inspired to write this blog after seeing an article by SELF magazine on this very subject, and thought I’d put my own spin on it for #FitnessFriday.

This is something I will always tell my new clients as they start their journey to a new healthier, happier lifestyle.

I would say these benefits are very obvious within just TWO weeks of regular exercise, although you will feel the soreness in the first week!

1) You will be sore.

But that’s not a bad thing! Working out means small tears occur in the muscle fibres, which causes the pain and inflammation associated with being sore.

The muscle then repairs, rebuilds and gets tougher than before. The soreness should only last a day or two, in my experience it’s always worse 48 hours post workout, but hey, you’re getting stronger!

2) You will find clarity.

A good workout increases the blood flow and amount of oxygen to the brain. This means your brain functions better, making you more alert and focused.

3) Your skin will glow.

The increased blood flow from exercise helps the body get rid of waste products like free radicals, resulting in a healthy post workout glow.

Sweating will also help clear the pores, so it’s good idea to shower, if possible, after your workout.

4) Life will be easier.

Working out teaches the body to utilize oxygen more efficiently. This lowers the heart rate, and makes the heart stronger. Simple everyday tasks like climbing the stairs and walking up hills become easier.

5) You will make healthier choices.

You may begin to notice a craving for healthier foods, finding the not so healthy foods less palatable. This definitely happens with most of my clients.

Working out is an expression of self care, and this will seep into other parts of your life.

6) You will sleep better.

Exercise, providing it’s not too late in the evening, will help encourage a good night’s sleep, giving the body time to recover. There’s no better feeling than flopping into bed following a tough workout.


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