How to move on from your skinnies

Last week I was feeling the need to get of my fashion comfort zone.  We all have safe items in our wardrobes – safe colours (for me  greys and neutrals) and safe styles (I just love my skinny and straight leg trousers).  I don’t think that there is anything wrong with this, as long as these safe items suit your body shape and personal style.  Sometimes though, I just get a bit bored of my monochromatic, skinny jean look.
So, I was in Marks and Spencer’s and came across some wide leg, large geometric print trousers.  Not a big deal for many of us (and these are certainly not a stratospherically wide style!) but I have a small frame and I am easily swamped by large prints and large amounts of fabric – hence being out of my comfort zone.  To my surprise they were a good fit, and with the £29 price tag – worth the gamble!
The only problem is, when you buy these items which don’t quite fit into your everyday style, you often have to put a bit more thought into how you wear them.  For me, a fitted top and heels were going to be essential to pull them off.  I chose to tuck in this Pure Collection silk t-shirt, and added Carvella silver heels and accessories – a (relatively) easy going out look.
They are probably never going to be my go to trousers and I will be back to my skinnies tomorrow.  However, I am determined to embrace the wide leg trend in a way that works for me and to try and get out of my comfort zone every once in a while!


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