The Sirt Diet

I became aware of The Sirt Diet (Aidan Goggins & Glen Matten)  when I read an article in The Times Magazine last year.

I’m not a great supporter of diets as such, for me it’s all about healthy eating, portion size and a good fitness regime.

Yes, we can all lose weight by drastically cutting our calorie intake, but crash and yo-yo dieting doesn’t work long term. Joseph Proietto, Professor of Medicine at Melbourne University, found that participants in one of his studies lost weight over an eight week period, only to regain it over the following year.

Dieting this way, isn’t fun, having lists of foods we can’t eat, hours of the day feeling hungry, that’s not for me.

To lose weight successfully, enabling us to have a healthy body and active lifestyle, we really have to change both the way we think and our behaviour.

When I read about The Sirt Diet it made complete sense to me. Yes, you can lose weight if you follow ‘Lose 7lbs in 7 days’ set out by Goggins and Matten, but I was more interested in “what are Sirt Foods”, and would eating ‘Sirts’ be good for me.

Well, Sirtfoods are foods that activate our sirtuin genes (also known as skinny genes) helping us, not only to increase our sense of well-being and increase our resistance to disease, but also to burn significant amounts of fat.

The Sirtfood diet is what I’d call a ‘Mediterranean diet with an extra kick’, it’s made up of,

PLANTS, PROTEIN & FATS.  No problem if you’re a plant only vegan, it’s for you too.

The Sirt Food Diet Recipe Book, lists the top 20 Sirtfoods, which include red wine and cocoa….yipee, together with an additional 40 foods which have Sirtfood properties.



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