Monday Motivation

I woke up this morning feeling a little sluggish. I don’t think it’s unusual at this time of year here in the UK, the weather isn’t good, it’s grey, damp and dull (most days)! Today we have rain, it’s not the best of weather to entice me outside.

I was just going to do an early quick 5-6k walk, and I mean quick, my shopping walk as my family call it!

As I reached my 5k marker I felt so good as the wind and rain made my makeup free face tingle, so, I walked on, hitting 10k still at shopping pace speed.

I was so pleased I made the effort to get out, definitely not sluggish now.

Although I walk fast, to get a good cardio workout,  I found myself smiling and very ‘mindful’ of my surroundings.

My eyes wide open to the different colours of the trees, the tiny buds on the bare branches waiting to burst open at the first sign of spring. Despite the dreadful weather the birds were braving the elements and singing.

Each foot felt as light as a feather as it hit the road, I felt good.

Walking is a great exercise for both body and mind. If you feel low, fed up even lonely, whatever the weather go for a walk, take a look at what’s around you, you’ll be amazed at what you see when you open your eyes.

I’m very confident when I say, “You will feel so much better upon returning home”



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