No new clothes (or accessories) for six months

Have you ever had the dread of opening your wardrobe door? Everything inside is looking so angry, sleeves looking tortured with necklines hanging off the hanger, everything crammed so tightly there’s no breathing space.

This was exactly how I had been feeling for months, and late last year I knew I had to do something about it.

Along with the ‘dreaded wardrobe’ there was another demon looming, I had to address my finances… how easy it is to bury our heads in the sand when lack of money is staring us in the face?

I had a goal, my gym had to increase in size, I not only needed more floor space but also urgent headroom. This would not be a cheap fix!

I knew that one way of saving money was to regulate my spending. It doesn’t take too many brain cells to reach that conclusion! I’m not a big spender, but I’m interested in fashion, love clothes and looking good.

Going back to my wardrobe, could I go into summer 2016 without buying any more clothes? Make do with what I’ve got, save money, with a goal of a bigger gym and growing the business.

So, I gave myself a six-month challenge. I’m now into my third month and feeling positive.

I started my challenge by going through my wardrobe, everything had to come out, it was such a mess. I took time and asked myself all the usual questions:

  1. When did I last wear it?
  2. Do I still like it?
  3. Do I feel confident when I wear it?
  4. Does it still fit?

If I had the slightest doubt to any of the questions, the item was out. I did the same with shoes and scarves. The clothes I didn’t need were neatly folded and taken to the Salvation Army, who I know make full use of clothing given to them.

I now have a well organised wardrobe with half the amount of clothes. At least once a week I would say ‘I’m not going to wear jeans tomorrow,’ tomorrow came and went, and I was still in my jeans.

I’ve been reunited with the dress and skirts I’d forgotten about. I love them, and no more difficult to wear than my jeans.

I always thought I knew what suited me, but now I feel even more confident. I really feel like I know ‘my style. I can easily walk through a clothes store now without having the need ‘to buy,’ I found this difficult for the first month. Did I really need a new sweater, ‘no,’ so it stayed on the hanger and that money went towards my leg press for the gym!

Making what I suppose, initially, was an effort not to spend money on clothes, has made me far more aware of my finances in general.

I shocked myself last week when I walked in and out of a coffee shop as I suddenly realised I was paying £2.50 for a coffee and was just 20 minutes away from home. Drinking coffee whilst shopping has become a habit.

I feel confident I will reach my target of six months without buying clothes, and will be very mindful of what item of clothing I buy next.

Image: taken from of Sew Obsessed 


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